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  1. DannyByrd

    Parts from year to year

    Yeah, I think they're almost the same, just slight difference in fitting.
  2. DannyByrd

    R6 rearsets mod complete how to

    It's very helpful, saving it for the future.
  3. DannyByrd

    Skipping gears??

    Go through the following discussions, maybe these could help:
  4. DannyByrd

    Pic of battery compartment

    No, Buddy sorry, can't find any.
  5. DannyByrd

    Various parts questions

    That's a fine bag too and is affordable. Thanks
  6. DannyByrd

    Chain and Sprokets

    Would this be good fit? And you'll find more information here:
  7. DannyByrd

    Various parts questions

    Hi, Guys! I've got these Viking saddlebags (tried uploading some pictures but IDK it's giving error and error again). BTW, as I'm new to riding and all and don't know much about these products. I just wanna ask, I checked out there website while looking for tank bag, please suggest that which...
  8. DannyByrd

    alarm systems Read this discussion too,
  9. DannyByrd

    How To Black Engine Paint touch-up

    It looks like nothing ever happen to it. Good luck with your riding. Ride hard and safe.
  10. DannyByrd

    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    Keep learning, mate! Ride hard and safe.
  11. DannyByrd

    A sad post - one less FZ6R on the street

    Glad that you're well, however, really sad about the loss.:(
  12. DannyByrd

    Any leads on a cheap radiator? You can find a variety here.
  13. DannyByrd

    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    You nailed it, man:D
  14. DannyByrd

    Various parts questions

    Absolutely, I will. Thanks for help again.
  15. DannyByrd

    Rear sets/Pegs

    Hi, read this out and this discussion too, also check out the adjustable rare sets for FZ6R
  16. DannyByrd

    Various parts questions

    Half Click Up, Thanks so much for your help, mate. I'm ordering the Viking one than, they looks good, prices are also fine, can't wait to get ma luggage.
  17. DannyByrd

    How much did you pay for your FZ6R?

    $6700, year 2018. I bought it from my uncle.
  18. DannyByrd

    Timing change....Do it!

    Awesome, much informational.:) Appreciate the write up, Keep sharing and Ride safe.
  19. DannyByrd

    Various parts questions

    Thanks, Half-click up, IDK why mounting is so hard for me, it's looking so tricky in the video. BTW, I've looked through the YouTube too, and found and videos. These are the reviews about the following bags: Looks like...
  20. DannyByrd

    Your Helmet

    I got Sedici Strada 2 Gloss CFFH. What about your gears?