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    Smart turn system

    Okay, so I got a smart turn system module a while back and just got around to installing it. It cancels your turn signals after lane changes and turns and has a timeout feature. Install was a little bit of a pain,but not too difficult (wires are under the air cleaner so lots of stuff to move and...
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    Fuel range

    I have always been able to get about 44 mpg even with extensive mods, but lately my MPG has dropped to about 38 mpg. Might have been the cooler weather. I have a very heavy throttle hand, but did before also.
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    Sport RevA Backfire

    What he said ^^^^
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    Hello everyone

    Where abouts? I'm also in Bucks county.
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    Hello everyone

    Think I paid $130 for front and rear, $7 for a one man brake bleeder kit and a bottle of synthetic dot 4 brake fluid. I also put new pads on at the same time even though mine weren't too worn. Great investment and mod IMO. Braking is immensely better!
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    Timing change....Do it!

    Been trying to figure out which tires to go with, just looked up pricing on q3s and they are reasonable (about 270) for a set. my tires just passed last inspection, but have inspection in September. Do not want to go all summer on the old ones so i may do this in a week or so. I was also looking...
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    Rear foot brake lever adjustment not holding?

    +1 I upgraded last year to stainless lines, new pads and changed fluid and it's night and day. Very little pressure needed, whereas before I was applying lots of pressure.
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    HOWTO: Install Graves AIS Blockoffs

    Same, love the decel sound with my viper can. It's not excessive and I have to downshift pretty hard to get popping. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Timing change....Do it!

    Martin is the man when it comes to the 6r or just about anything with an engine. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Timing change....Do it!

    I can't get to it tonight, but can try tomorrow. I don't have it on my surface pro, but I think I have it on my old laptop (my son uses it). Worst case I pull it from my pc5 and load it onto my surface pro. I have the pc5 app on my phone. So send me your email addy and I'll get the map to you as...
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    Timing change....Do it!

    If you're somewhat mechanically inclined ,as you seem to be it's not overly difficult. I didn't have to degree my cams since I bought them second hand from Marthy so they were machined and ready to install. Use green loctite when reinstalling cam gear bolts. Trust me on this. I didn't loctite...
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    Timing change....Do it!

    Cam mod is the best power mod hands down! I only have FZ6 intake cam since I had a major mishap after installing the cams. Doesn't seem any different power wise then it did with FZ6 intake and exhaust cams. Cams, exhaust, airbox, pc5 have made this a different bike.
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    White and Crusty Residue, -potential coolant leak?

    Pretty sure it's just good old oxidation. I have some on my bike too and I don't ride during the winter. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Crankshaft Position sensor wire

    Probably my post, I installed one a while back and instructions were horrible so I shared what I learned. Programming was easy though.
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    Greetings from planet earth!

    Hey guys! Hello from PA. Haven't dropped by in a while myself. Forum seems like a shell of the forum that I joined 5 or so years ago.
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    First 2 months of mods...

    Good job on the mods so far. I also installed a gear indicator (healtech) and even instructions were almost non-existent. I basically use it just for a quick check when I'm up in 5th or 6th. Yours looks similar to mine as well. I like my HID headlight setup, but if I didn't already have it I'd...
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    Power Commander Advice

    PC5 doesn't cost much more than that model if you look around.
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    Clip On Clearance Issue

    Extend the bars further out so that the the tip of the bar (opposite the grips) in almost flush with the clamp and rotate the controls. I managed to find a location that cleared the tank and fairing (I also have woodcraft 1.5" risers and bike lowered around 1.75". With the bars in that far...
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    What FZ6R Year Should I Buy?

    Agree about the Roadsmart tires, mine came with them and although I am no juggernaut (5,600 miles I am still on the original tires) the tires wear and perform admirably. I am replacing with Roadsmart 3's over the offseason or sooner if they don't pass inspection.
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    Woodcraft Clip Ons

    Had to raise mine 1.75 inches so they would sit flush. Remember to relocate your horn or it will bottom out constantly. I don't think I torqued mine, tight is tight. I'm sure there's a spec, but I just made sure they were tight and rechecked multiple times, have had the clipons for around 4 years.