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  1. Fz6r wagga

    Zx6r mirrors with stock handlebars

    Hey everyone, anyone have any opinions on running zx6r mirrors with stock handlebars? Ive had a couple rides with the new mirrors on but im really struggling to adjust.. alot less view than the standard mirrors, wondering if this is an easy fix or my hands/arms are in the way because i dont have...
  2. Fz6r wagga

    Flush mount indicators?

    Hey everybody, just wondering if someone could drop a link to flush mount indicators that will ship to australia? Cheers ✌
  3. Fz6r wagga

    Need Help Can i de restrict by modification?

    Hey everyone, ive been looking up and down for a derestrictor for my fz6r but seem impossible to come across.. i found one and purchased from '' but i think it was a dodgy site and i got ripped off....if i cant buy one can i physically mod it to be 'derestricted'
  4. Fz6r wagga

    Question Need help with part identification

    I am about to purchase the bike with the missing fairings as my first bike, as pictured is a bike with the parts i need.. curious as to what this missing part is and where i may be able to find them.. Cheers