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    Smart turn system

    Okay, so I got a smart turn system module a while back and just got around to installing it. It cancels your turn signals after lane changes and turns and has a timeout feature. Install was a little bit of a pain,but not too difficult (wires are under the air cleaner so lots of stuff to move and...
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    Anyone here from Quakertown?

    So as I was ready to pull out of my driveway this morning a team blue fz6r passed my driveway. I was a little ways behind the bike and it continued on Pumping Station Road towards California Road. Is that anyone here?
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    Happy birthday Don!

    Happy birthday to one of our most esteemed members and Super Mod! Hope you have a great day Don!
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    gascapdude gas caps

    Don't know if this had anything at all to do with my bikes problems, but I bought a billet gas cap from a company called gascapdude. Nice looking cap, only around $40 and says it's vented. The vent doesn't work worth a $h1t on the FZ6R. When my bike died I started to open my gas cap and it was...
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    Bike stalled and won't F'n start!!!

    Okay, so I took the bike to work for the first time this year (high of 82 today). I have taken the bike out 3 times relatively recently, but always around 10 miles and relatively quick runs. My commute is 20 miles one way. Today coming home the highway ended up getting shut down due to severe...
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    Driven Racing D-Axis Fuel Cap

    Has anyone ever upgraded to the Vortex or Driven gas caps? I want to upgrade to the Driven, but wondering if I can then cap off the fuel vent line under the tank. The Driven cap has a built in vent. I'd imagine that I'd have to leave the overflow tube, but can't find a definitive answer out...
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    Healtech Gipro X-type Gear Indicator

    Anybody looking at getting a gear indicator should check out the Healtech. Very easy to install, couple minutes and programming is easy. It's auto learning so it is pretty simple. I've found it to be very quick and accurate. It shows the gear up or down immediately after letting the clutch back...
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    FZ6 Cam Install Project

    Hey guys and gals as some of you may know I just recently did the FZ6 cam mod. I wanted to put together a little thread that chronicled the major steps I had to take along with a few little mods I did during the process. This isn't a true DIY which is why I am putting it in the mods section. If...
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    Christmas Goodies

    So haven't posted on here in a while and thought I'd start with the goodies I got for Christmas. I got a Motodynamic Integrated Tail light and new rear pegs (red/black aluminum, front are silver aluminum). Got some new gear as well; Speed and Strength SS1500 (Seven Sins) white helmet...
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    Happt Birthday JonKerr

    :rockon: Happy birthday Jon! Thanks for all the contributions you've made to this forum. PS, you almost caught up to me. LOL! Hope you have a great day!
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    Fuel Guage

    So out of curiosity, is anyone else else having problems with fuel Guage being way off? Mine was fairly accurate until my last 2 fill ups. Filled up Friday after commuting all week and left it parked until today. I was at 6 bars and when I went to start it went to 5 and after less than 20 miles...
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    Fuel Cap Vent

    I have a quick question. Has anyone changed to a fuel cap with built it vent and removed the side vent tube? It's kind of a pain in the a$$ to have to put something under it if it's in the sun for a little while since the vented gas liquifies the blacktop. I've even had other guys at work with...
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    New Gear Review

    I got a couple things for Christmas and finally got to test them out this past weekend and thought I'd just do a quick review of all of the gear in one thread. I got some Speed and Strength Moto Mercenary shoes (think my wife paid around $80 since I sent her the link). They're not race...
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    Happy Birthday Robert

    Happy birthday Robert aka 99Vengeur on a milestone birthday!
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    Motorcycle fever

    So who else can barely contain themselves waiting to get out to ride (Warm climate peeps -ssssshhhhhh!!!!!)? I am going nuts especially since I am home on disability wanting to get out to ride. It's beginning to consume my every thought. I mean I always want to ride, but the fever's never been...
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    Just saw this article Decorated former Navy submarine expert sentenced to 30 years in prison for trying to sell classified national defense secrets to FBI agents posing as Russian spies | Mail Online I can't believe the number of people selling secrets nowadays. This guy joined the Navy around...
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    Interesting article

    There could be far worse things than this going on. Yahoo!
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    Motorcycle Pants

    So I'm sure it's been asked before, but I am curious as to what type of motorcycle pants some of you wear. I got Icon Overlord overpants and Bilt Iron Workers Kevlar jeans for Christmas. The jeans fit good and seem like a good buy, but the Overlord pants have major fitment issues. The armor is...
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    So I finally went to the Dr a few weeks ago to address my carpal tunnel and back/neck issues. Dr sent me for back x-rays which came up normal (unless your back is twisted all to hell most x-rays are normal) so I have to follow up with an orthopedic Dr to get a MRI to see if the discs are...
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    Happy Birthday Marthy!

    Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday Martin. You've probably been the most help to me and most in this forum over the years. Hope you had a great day!