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    Question What's your odometer reading?

    Hey all you Sixr fans, Duck man still among the living. Its been a long time since I was last on here. Just want to know how well your FZ6R has treated you so far. I am currently at 61 thousand miles on my baby and she has never let me down. But I have an itch, an itch that my bike with all of...
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    Signal/Electrical Issues

    I've been having some issues w/my signal/brake lights over the course of a few weeks. Now my bike is not safe to ride until they're addressed. It started w/my turn signal first, I have the Proton turn signals. One side started staying on bright (acting like turn signal is on but doesn't blink)...
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    Craigslist can be funny sometimes

    This was posted recently in San Diego. I doubt its legit though :soapbox: I almost want to respond asking for a test ride...:rolleyes: CAFE RACER FAST AS HELL
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    Going to put the 6'er to the test.

    Hey guys, I received word that my grandma isn't doing well and doesn't have much time left. I'm leaving for Harlingen Tx today after work on my 6'er. I just got the 15k service done on my bike a week ago (happy about that) and will put 3k miles on my round trip. Also going to change out...
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    Buddy looking for 1st bike (Practice Bike)

    Hey Guys and Gals, My buddy is looking for a bike to learn on. Yes, its the same buddy of mine who dropped my bike learning his U-Turns. He's very adamant on picking up the new '13 Honda 500 (not sure whether its the R or F Model). Since he's such a new rider, I have suggested he purchase...
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    Yamaha R6S Lights, so many possibilities...

    Yo fellow 6'ers, I was helping a guy who works with my GF on his 2006 R6S. This dude dropped his bike trying to see his grandfather at the hospital. He got cut off going excessive speeds on the freeway trying to reach the hospital. Now, he must've been paid through his insurance or the...
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    Buddy dropped my bike over the weekend

    So, I knew it would happen sooner or later. Just didn't think my buddy would be the one to lay my 6'er down. 1st off he's completely ok, besides a bruised ego. He finally took my bike for a spin while I was teaching my GF to change the oil and front stabilizer on the Wrangler. When I heard him...
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    Chains, O-Ring or No O-Ring

    Alright, hopefully this hasn't been discussed yet. So, I recently installed a 520 118 link No O-Ring chain. All I know is that a non O-Ring chain needs to be cleaned more often while an O-ring chain is quiet, lasts longer but needs different cleaning agents so as to not damage O-rings. Now...
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    IRS - You owe or Refund?

    You all know the beginning of the year Taxes become due. You think we already paid enough to begin with. I'm only getting a grand this time since I went exempt a few times last year (lots of OT on a Pay Period). So, lets talk about what that money goes to. I just got my refund 5 minutes ago and...
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    Looking for an exhaust

    So, I'm here at work (bored as ever) when I thought to look for a new exhaust. I know for sure they have Two Brothers and M4 but, I want something that stands out a bit more from the norm (who doesn't right?). So, I found this and wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions. Yamaha XJ6...
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    Bored @ Work

    I had some down time here at work and thought I should remove that ugly rear signal/plate bracket off my Honda CBR 600RR. It took some time since I didn't have the proper tools to do it. Also, I thought this was a good subject to have here since the only time I'm on this forum is when I'm at...
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    Sunday ride Escondido Ca -Del Mar Ca 12/15/13

    Thought anyone in San Diego may be interested. Found in craigslist... Motorcycle riders wanted!! Sunday cruise!!