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    Cool Route Planner Site

    I found this site Ride Motorcycle Roads in Austin, Texas, United States at that has fun routes to ride on the link I included is for Austin,TX but there might be ones for your area in there as well. I thought it was cool since i don't have a gps yet and some of the routes for my...
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    Rear camera Options

    Here are 2 rear camera options i have found made for bikes...I am sure you can mod one for much less. Bike Eye 4Kam VU - Wireless reversing camera and rear view cam systems Ant Racing Rearview Camera System Ant Racing Rear View Camera System - Tobefast ANT racing also makes...
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    Any New Mods

    I know we are not a Super Sport Bike but the bike has been out for over a year now and the is only a hand full of MODs for the FZ6R. I enjoy modding my bike as much as riding it. We all want to make it our own. Anyway if you find anything new and interesting post it in here. I am seriously...
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    Rapid Transit Recon 19 Magnetic Tank Bag

    Does anyone have or use the Rapid Transit Recon 19 Magnetic Tank Bag. Its gotten great reviews just cannot find one locally to see how it looks on the bike. I really like all the options it has just don't want a huge bag on my tank. If you have one can you post pics please.
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    Aftermarket decals or graphics

    Has anyone done any aftermarket graphics to their fz6r? I'm thinking about changing out the decals since they are a little boring on the blue 2009. Show me pics if you have.
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    Ebay Mirrors

    I found these on ebay (Yamaha R6S 06 07 08 09 Custom blue mirrors : eBay Motors (item 150291363832 end time Apr-27-10 20:14:19 PDT)) Not sure if anyone with a blue FZ6r would be interested. They are a bit pricy but they are painted match for yamaha blue. I am guessing since they say r6s they...
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    Any Grip Install DIY instructions for the fz6r

    This is my first bike and I want to be able to do as much of the work as I can. Just wondering if anyone has done a write up on new grips being installed. I find the stock ones make my hands fall asleep so i am looking through reviews of other grips to see what I can do to lessen the vibration.