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  1. Just_Jim

    What is your bike sound like at startup?

    More than likely the cam chain tensioner is the problem and probably needs a cleaning. The plunger is stuck or the plunger spring is failing. If the chain was stretched the rattling wouldn't go away after the oil pressure came up.
  2. Just_Jim

    Aftermarket fairing kit for Yamaha FZ-6R 2009-2015

    All the model years are the same, so it should fit a 2017.
  3. Just_Jim

    Front fender

    Yes, I still have it. Just PM'd you.
  4. Just_Jim

    Flush mount indicators?

    Proton LED Flushmounts - I have them on my FZ6R and had them on my R6 too. Great product. It looks like they have the option of shipping to Australia on their website.
  5. Just_Jim

    Front fender

    That stinks. I've never had issues with them before either. Good luck.
  6. Just_Jim

    Front fender

    What do you mean by no luck? I just checked and Bike Bandit says they can have it in about two weeks. With OEM body parts, most places don't keep them in stock because they take up space. Even before the pandemic, it took a few weeks for me to get my fender from Bike Bandit.
  7. Just_Jim

    Front fender

    I got it at Bike Bandit in 2019, before the pandemic messed up the supply chain. The blue fender is a good choice, the bike looks much better with it. Look under the 2009 model year, there wasn't a blue fender offered on the 2013's. Bike Bandit says they are 1-2 weeks out, but I've always found...
  8. Just_Jim

    Michelin Pilot Road 5 Tyre Pressure?

    The Owner's Manual recommends 33F/36R for your weight (under 90kg). 90kg and above it recommends 36/42. Weight includes your gear.
  9. Just_Jim

    Michelin Pilot Road 5 Tyre Pressure?

    I've been running Road 5's on my FZ6R for about a year now (awesome tire, by the way). I run 36F/41R.
  10. Just_Jim

    Front fender

    I have a white fender off my 2013 (I swapped it out for a blue fender). It's in excellent shape. I'd sell it for $40 + shipping. I attached a photo of it on the bike - I swapped it out shortly after the photo was taken.
  11. Just_Jim

    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    I have the same manual. Look on page 0.8 - that's the XJ6-SP. The XJ6-F has fairings. Page 0.10 has a breakdown of the different models.
  12. Just_Jim

    help remove tank black side panels

    According to the parts diagram on, it looks like they are just taped onto the tank.
  13. Just_Jim

    Question Need help with part identification

    Check They sell OEM parts and have parts schematics online so you can find the all parts you need.
  14. Just_Jim

    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    That image you link to isn't an XJ6-F either, no matter what the page says. It's an FZ6R - it says so right on the fairing. This is an XJ6-F. Note the one-piece seat.
  15. Just_Jim

    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    From the picture, it kind of looks like the cowl goes over the back part of the seat. The FZ6R cowl replaced the rear seat. Do a Google search for XJ6-F and you'll find lots of images that show the different seat.
  16. Just_Jim

    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    The XJ6-F seat is different than the FZ6R seat. XJ6-F seat is a one piece unit while the FZ6R uses a two seat arrangement.
  17. Just_Jim

    FZ6R clock and km reset every time I switch the bike off and on. Any ideas please guys?

    Check your fuses, specifically fuse #2 (10 amp fuse). According to the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual, that fuse is in the circuit the supplies power directly to the instrument cluster from the battery. I'd also recommend you get a copy of the Haynes manual. It's worth the $35 for all the...
  18. Just_Jim

    Where is everyone?

    It's the off-season. Give it a month or so and traffic should pick on here once people get their bikes back on the road after winter.
  19. Just_Jim

    Fork oil height

    According to the Haynes manual; it's 115mm from the top of the inner tube with the fork spring removed and the leg fully compressed.
  20. Just_Jim

    What years does the FZ6R cover?

    Hey Tucci, where are you located in Colorado? I live near Boulder.