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    Southern California Charity Ride

    Did this last year and had a great time, ride is down the Pacific Coast highway here in so cal and is to benefit a great cause, Burn survivors and the Grossman burn center. They do a nice job putting it on, i even won a raffle prize last year lol. Be nice to see some more FZ6R there this year...
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    Panoramic Shot

    Just thought this was a cool panoramic shot i got on Mulholland highway. Shot by
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    Bluetooth Helmets Torc T12B

    I have 2 Brand New Torc T12B helmets in Medium if anyone is interested. i already have 2 myself. one is the white/red which goes perfect with the white/red fz6r and the other is black and blue which looks great with the blue FZ6R. Both are brand new never been opened retail boxes. They have...
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    Motorcycle Video Game

    this game looks interesting to me, ability to ride around with other members etc. It would be cool if they not only had track racing but open road cruising as well. I would not even mind paying say $5 a pop if you could get some famous roads from other areas. Anyway my actual question is what...
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    old forum address

    Did anyone realize that Yamaha not only kicked us from the old address but also stole it? Now if you goto the old forum address it takes you directly to the Yamaha site. I am still a little irritated they would do that to a site dedicated to making their bike more popular and better for owners...
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    International Motorcycle show time No cal So Cal WA

    Everyone its time for the Motorcycle show again in Mateo this weekend and in my neck of the woods Long Beach, CA on the 14-16th of November and Seattle at the end of November. I have confirmed with the girl arranging the demo rides that the list below will be present (In CA and AZ only, they...
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    So Cal Burn Ride for Charity

    Took the wife and cruiser to the first annual Southern California Burn Ride benefiting the Grossman Burn Center here in L.A. which helps a ton of burn and accident victims every year. It was a poker run covering 5 stops (the last being the dealer i bought my FZ6R from). a poker run for those...
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    Has anyone ordered a Skully Helmet?

    Im wondering if anyone has pre ordered one of the new Skully helmets that have a rear view camera and are starting at $1400? Or you can get the prototype which i guess they think is going to be a collectors item or something for $25,000 ??? i really wanted one but its just way out of reach for...
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    Yamaha Demo Rides at local dealer

    So my nephew calls me on Friday afternoon who lives in Simi Valley, Ca and tells me the yamaha/triumph/suzuki dealer there is having a Yamaha test ride weekend on friday and sat. I had plans to ride ACH with my brother in the morning so i did not get out to simi until around 1 to 2pm but was...
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    Rip it on the dirt jt

    Rest in Peace Monster Machine, the punk up and traded his beautiful FZ6R for a couple quads. Now since he lives in bakersfield he might get some use out of them but not as much as an awesome fz6r. Not to mention he will not be able to join us again on our so cal group rides! Well maybe you can...
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    vacation without my bike :(

    i have vacation planned up in Lake Tahoe June 9-13th and i am already dreading having to go without my bike :( Looks like there is so many great areas to ride too. there is a harley dealer that will rent bikes but its 45 minutes away and its 200 a day for a harley which i would really rather...
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    The most irritating thing about riding

    This happened to me 3 times this weekend. Pull up to a stop light and it will not register your bike so it skips your turn because there are no cars to trigger the sensor. Then to make it even more frustrating when a car does finally pull up behind you and they wont roll up onto the sensors and...
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    FZ6R logo items

    Has anyone noticed there are very few things that show the FZ6R logo? You can get a little model bike for an R1 or others but no FZ6R. You can get several items with an R6 logo but the only ones I can find for FZ6R are the grips. This guy on ebay did not have any FZ6R items listed but said he...
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    Hitting the races this weekend

    Any Nascar fans? Heading to the track this weekend in Cali for a guys weekend to see both races on sat. and sunday. Not doing the camping in the infield but are camping at their location in the parking lot for couple days. getting excited, should be a blast and weather looks good.
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    awesome weekend

    the weather was so perfect for riding this weekend i had to get out both days. Took the wife and cruiser on saturday to the beach and then took the FZ through the same route on Sunday. Will be back at it again i am sure this weekend, the following weekend i will be at the nascar race. Hope its...
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    Bought new bike

    Finally bit the bullet and upgraded my cruiser Saturday. went from an 09 S40 to an 05 C50. The C50 has only 2200 miles on is in better shape than the S40 I sold and lower miles despite being older. Most importantly it has fuel injection and came with Mustang Seats already installed. Only cost me...
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    Winter Olympics - Poll

    Well the Olympics are starting officially on Friday with the opening ceremonies and i believe tomorrow Hockey and Curling get started. I am a huge fan of the Olympics and will set my DVR to record as much as possible across the 4 or 5 channels its on. Since this is the slowest thread day...
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    Dirt Road Custom seat review

    Well i finally received my seats back after a long process mostly due to my inability to choose and ordering a patch from china that took forever. Let me start off by saying that eddie at Dirt Road is awesome to work with. He will do about anything you want done to the seat, has a bunch of...
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    Another great socal ride complete

    Another great ride completed today, 6 FZ6Rs made it this time. Went mulholland to PCH and back through Topanga Canyon. Here is a quick video of just the 6 bikes together.and a couple pictures. Couple of the other guys had go pros and should have some sweet video up. Thanks to those that...
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    So Cal at it again, riding on 1/26

    Looks like several of us cant wait to get back on the twisties again. JT, Knightmare and me will be going to looks like Mulholland on Sunday 1/26. If anyone wants to join up let us know. This is the aprox route we will take, id say this is about 2 hours but my time estimates suck lol. Plus a...