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    Rider Down.

    Yeah. Me. Mr. SAFETY. Down. Just going to work, not two miles from my house. Car before me is a long ways away. I'm just commuting. Came around a corner, and that car was stopped in the middle of the road. Just stopped. Oncoming traffic cleared, and my thought was "OH Shit, they've...
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    This site's membership continues to grow at an amazing rate. For the newer members I want to explain what "repping" is. It begins with the hourglass icon below the poster's name. In the most basic sense, "repping" adds to that member's reputation on this site. In a nutshell it means that if a...
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    ADV Bikers

    It's not really a useful thread, nor is it about the 6r. Still... I was off today and had to run some errands. As as I was going through the center of my town a couple of guys on ADV bikes, in full rain gear, with the hard side bags and gear piled high went through town. I've no idea where...
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    What's In Your Garage?

    My carport has three bays. The first is taken by my mother's Jeep. The center bay is taken by her camper. The third bay is mine. I've a choice: I can park my 6r in there, or my Celica. If a bad storm is coming, I can do both, but I can only get out the one that is parked in the rear. Since...
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    Heated Gloves on Voltage Regulator/Rectifier

    Well, throttle-blipping burned out the controller on my right heated glove. They were still under warranty, and CycleGear replaced them, no questions asked. They weren't in stock, so Tom in Matthews, NC took my name and address, gave me a receipt and is going to order them and ship them to my...
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    Your Favorite Username

    This is just for fluff. Just fun. I was perusing a Celica forum when I realized a couple of those usernames tickled me. So I thought I'd share and ask which usernames you've come upon that tickled you: NeuralOverload - How cool is that? Imacastrobutfidelsnotmydaddy - Let me break that one...
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    If you're into metal, and like most any music as I do... You might just appreciate this: I am completely blown away. I really freakin' love it. All their songs, the more I listen, then more I like. Sadly it's producer driven. It's like a...
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    The Interceptor is Back!

    I've said many times that I have no plans to get rid of my 6R. That hasn't changed, we mesh so wonderfully I just can't imagine a better bike for me. I'm still excited to say the Interceptor is back! It costs way more than a 6R, but if it's anything like it's original namesake, it has got to be...
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    I Miss It

    My bike has been down with a flat tire for a few months now. It is difficult to explain, in words, how much that hurts me. I simply haven't been able to find the cash for another Pilot Road 2 rear tire plus the funds to have it mounted. I'm writing this post just to vent. To let those who...
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    SuperBikes Vs. SuperCars

    I've always believed, and been loud when required, that a fast bike is faster than a fast car. Not necessarily true in every scenario, but a good rule of thumb in my opinion. Power-to-weight ratio simply doesn't lie. Even our beloved 6R, tuned down as it is, is faster 0 to 60 than most cars...
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    This one, just because it's good.
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    Form? You wonder what it is, or what it's good for. Maybe you're working towards it yourself? Here it is at it's absolute best. Watch the whole vid, because it's good. Then marvel at the Masters at 2:36.
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    Not Dead

    Nope, I didn't crash and burn. Yes, I'm still loving my 6R and I'm riding ATGATT as always. I got tired of arguing all the time. Enough so that I had to take a break from this forum and go do something else. Anything else. Lord help me, I'm back. I won't be jumping down every dumb-***...
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    It Was Prettier Than Mine

    So. My day off. Had an errand in town. Took the backroads all the way. I reminded myself that I can still hang off and lean turns. The Dragon kind of scared me out it. It was good to hang off again. Anyway, I'm at a gas station, grabbing some beer, and I pull up next to a copper and black...
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    Don't Forget To Rep!

    You see a post you think is great. You hit the "Thanks" button. That's great and good on you. What if you don't just agree with the post, but you think that person made a serious point, that will help others? That's what repping is about. Underneath the poster's name, you'll see an...
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    Devil's Triangle

    Here's a quote: The Devil’s Triangle is a 44 mile loop with some of the sharpest and steepest switchbacks you will ever see. Located north of Oak Ridge Tennessee. Much more of a challenge than the Tail of the Dragon. Yep. I survived the Dragon. A couple close calls, but I did it. I'm...
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    The Dragon! Third Run.

    OK. Here's my third run against the Dragon. It's coming up the side opposite from the vid you saw in my first run. By this point, I've run the Dragon, run the 120 mile loop, run the Dragon again, then turned around and come back for the Dragon. If you watched the first vid, you'll notice...
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    The Dragon!

    OK. It's raw video of about five minutes on the Dragon. It's my first run, but after my near-death experience. You'll recognize the high gear. I'm nearly bogging her out. That's on purpose. After my close call, I wanted the engine braking the lower gear gives. You'll notice a couple turns...
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    Chain! My @$$! RRRRR!

    I have been very active on this forum about the needs and ways concerning chain cleaning and lubing. I have been very vocal about cleaning a chain, as the manual recommended with kerosene and I used a Grunge Brush. I've been just as vocal concerning lubing. I've kicked ass and taken names...
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    What Can Be Done With Two Lighters

    Oddetorium: What Can Be Done with Two Lighters You know you want to make one! :D