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    Reflective Tape on Givi V35 Side Cases

    I added some 3M Scotchlite reflective tape to the back of the Givi V35 cases for improved night-time visibility. I spent some time mocking up shapes with some paper until I came up with something that would lay flat without wrinkles, then traced it onto the back of a 12"x24" piece of...
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    Effects of changing sprockets

    NOTE: The following and much of the resulting discussion in this thread relates to how gearing changes affect full throttle acceleration when shifting gears as appropriate such that you are getting the best possible acceleration out of the bike at any given speed (like drag racing). There is...
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    Givi V35 Side Case Photos (mounting brackets, etc)

    Here's my contribution to the collection of Givi V35 side case photos. There were some particular details that I could not find in existing photos, so hopefully someone will find this helpful. Can you spot the mounting brackets? This is all that you can see on the bike when the quick-removal...
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    Dyno Run File?

    Has anyone had their stock FZ6R on a dyno? If so, do you have the run file (DRF file; not a printout or image of the dyno chart)? If so, I'd appreciate a copy of it. I want to get the raw data from the file for personal nerdy pleasure, such as determining the best shift points for maximum...
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    Interested in the FZ6R - Looking for a friendly owner in Michigan

    First a little back-story... My wife recently upgraded from a Honda Rebel 250 to a Honda Shadow Spirit 750. She likes the increased power, it's comfortable, etc., but the cornering clearance sucks, and she likes cornering fast. The Rebel could actually corner very well, and I would have a...