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    Clutch Not Fully Disengaging?

    Good stuff, at least its fixed now (somehow). I sometimes find myself in the same dilemma of experimenting different ways of downshifting in regards to my foot position. I first thought this was the problem until the clutch cable was tightened. Soon after being tightened, a few rides was all it...
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    Question Radiator hose

    I honestly dont think that the Fz6r would differ that much from anything apart from the fairings on the fz6. So if you get hoses for the fz6/xj6 I think it shouldn't be a problem. Try calling Yamaha and asking for sizes between the two.
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    Aftermarket mirrors

    To be honest the stock mirrors are really good, I can see everything around me. Did the bike come with stock mirrors and you changed them or did it come with ninja mirrors for some reason.
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    '09 FZ6R Jerky When Cruising On Flat Road

    So sounds like Jerzee55 was right, tight spots in the chain would most likely happen to do this, especially as the chain would differ in tightness, so every time the chain went through the sprocket it would hit one tight spot right before the normal tension, this would fluctuate revs when your...
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    Clutch Not Fully Disengaging?

    Let me know what it was once you fix it, im curious now. Haha
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    Clutch Not Fully Disengaging?

    In some cases having too much oil may make it hard to find neutral. But if it hasnt been happening since the day you bought I would just stick with the cable for now.
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    Clutch Not Fully Disengaging?

    Sounds like a clutch cable to me, when I first got my bike it took me a few tries to even get the bike to downshift whilst riding, it just didnt want to slot into gear. This was adjusted when the cable was tightened. Perhaps you might need an oil change too, if your struggling to find neutral...
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    Michelin Pilot Road 5 Tyre Pressure?

    Quick one, if you dont mind in what bounds do you weigh. I come in at around 80kg. But will give 36/41 a go either way, especially as I have no reference point.
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    Michelin Pilot Road 5 Tyre Pressure?

    Great thanks alot
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    Michelin Pilot Road 5 Tyre Pressure?

    Last week I got Michelin Piloat road 5 tyres for my fz6r. Just wondering if anyone would have the same tyres, if so what pressures are you running. On stock tyres I was running 34F / 38R. Handled awesome disregarding the squarring of the tyre... any suggestions would be greatly helpful. Cheers
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    Need Help Can i de restrict by modification?

    If your just looking for the plate itself, theres a guy on here samwich (ebay username) that makes them for like 30$ in aus. Heard good things about them, cant wait to instal on my bike and unleash the beast...