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  • I was offered a finance job after college and b/c I was broke and tired of no $$ took it and just never completed any of the above. I did several years ago look in going back in as an officer but the paperwork was like ridiculous so I just never completed it. Probably should of done reserves but life just got in the way and now I'm too old. Oh well I like being a teacher and my life is good now too. I'm happy for you sounds like you got it going on. Pay it forward and change some young mans/womans life for the better. I remember every detail and how he (recruiter) asked do you have a job I said no, do you attend college no etc, well next thing I was watching this (Miami Vice Coast Guard video) and I was so jacked up I wanted that action adventure. Little did I know that video was mild compared to the real action. I had a blast and lots of action and adventure! Your friend Mark
    Good Choice....yep after talking with you I had to go break out the old pictures. Those guys I was stationed with were the best years of my life. I only got out to finish college after getting accepted at FSU and having a chance to play football I could not pass it up. After I got my BS I then wanted to go to law school and then go back in as a maritime lawyer with the USCG.
    Man I know exactly where your coming from. I had hit bottom and them I talked to a CG recruiter and I was in boot camp 2 weeks later. I just got my associates and I'm now only a year away from my BS. I have just over 9 in and my next assignment(as a recruiter) will put me at 14. I would be crazy not to do 20. In fact I've never met anyone that said "I'm glad I only did 12 years and got out". That retirement paycheck and medical is worth it's weight in gold. I don't care how fat the next guys 401K may be, cause it may not be there tomorrow. My retirement will! Thanks for the support. I'm always glad to meet fellow Coasties.
    I purchased my Bike from Holiday Power Sports. It is located in Jackson, Mi. The reason I got such a good deal is cuz I know one of the managers that work their. They should be able to get you a good deal though
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