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    Question What's your odometer reading?

    Hey all you Sixr fans, Duck man still among the living. Its been a long time since I was last on here. Just want to know how well your FZ6R has treated you so far. I am currently at 61 thousand miles on my baby and she has never let me down. But I have an itch, an itch that my bike with all of...
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    Gas mileage!

    I just filled up today. Been doing 165 miles a tank. Pushed my reserved to 30 miles. I have a 48T rear and 14T front sprockets and a two Bros. Exhaust, no Power commander. Bike is currently at 52k miles and running like a champ.
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    Help adding more power fz6r

    Use this bike to commute, buy a faster bike. The bike is a de-tuned gen 2 R6 for a reason (Beginner/Intermediate). Not going to break any records without spending big bucks.
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    First person fz6r videos

    Super nice area, I bet those roads through the Redwoods are breathtaking. Farthest north I've been was Sacramento. Always wanted to drive/ride through there. Great video, keep them posts coming. :thumbup:
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    Just joined the uncool kids club

    Nothing wrong with what you got. Better safe than sorry, especially if you're not confident/skilled enough to make quick decisions that could prevent or cause a bad time. I have some old Truant bike boots and a Speed & Strength textile jacket for 100 and ended up over time upgrading...
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    Any Back Protectors That Really Breathe?

    I use this one from AlpineStar - - Seem's more breathable to me than my stock foam pad and it's an upgrade. It doesn't have that hard shell protector though. I have it in a textile jacket, not sure if you have something...
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    Signal/Electrical Issues

    Yeah, I was going to try that today when I got home from work. It happened early in the morning when I was on my way out to work. Had to take my 240sx
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    Signal/Electrical Issues

    I've been having some issues w/my signal/brake lights over the course of a few weeks. Now my bike is not safe to ride until they're addressed. It started w/my turn signal first, I have the Proton turn signals. One side started staying on bright (acting like turn signal is on but doesn't blink)...
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    FZ-07 vs SV 650 vs CBR650F vs Ninja 650

    Fine by me, I'm already sold on the FZ-09, unless they make a bike similar to the Suzuki Bandit 1200. That would be awesome... :D:D:D
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    New guy coming from San Diego

    Welcome to the forum. I come and go from time to time. Had to get my company to make a viewable site, they blocked it due to gambling... Not sure who came up with that. The seat has been fine for me, I commute m-f 70 miles round trip from San Diego to Escondido for work. We'll have to...
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    Mods I've always wanted to do, complete!

    Where did you get the rear seat cowl??? Also, how's the visibility with those ZX6R Mirrors? I'm getting tired of the 'snail eye stalk' mirrors... I love the simple solid color look, less is more sometimes on a bike.
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    Another exhaust comparison video

    I may have to buy an extra air box so I may try this out. Thanks for the video :steve:
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    Fuel range

    The farthest I got on a full tank was 186, this was 38 miles after the F-Trip light comes on. When I refueled, it took just under 4.20 gallons to refill. Got me 44 miles a gallon. I commute 70 miles round trip, at an average speed of 80 mph. Using a 17t front sprocket to correct the speedometer...
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    My MT09

    This bike is getting more and more appealing every time I see it. I still want the Bandit 1250 though :D Glad you came out ok in the end though. I had a close call similar to yours, minus the wreck. I was traveling through an S curve near Downtown San Diego, CA. I came around to the final...
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    Does your bike have a name?