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    Dash flickered then went out.

    I experienced similar sounding troubles with my 2013 FZ6R this year. It took several returns to the local dealership to resolve. First 'fix' was replacing the battery. In a week or so, same troubles returned during a ride. I rode it directly to the shop, left it at their back door and walked...
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    How many miles on your FZ6R?

    I purchased my 2013 brand new in 2015 from a dealership. I've gone 19,000 miles in 3 years and I just replaced the tires for its first time. (Continental Conti-Motion as recommended by posters here). Its been a great motorcycle ownership experience.
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    When you're a 6'3" daddy long legs....

    Good Job! This is great. I have my seat on the higher setting and it feels wobbly too.
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    FZ6R Spark Plug replacement

    This thread was a great help Thank you for this thread. I just finished replacing my plugs and the operation was a success. It took about 3 careful hours, working slow and meticulously. I don't think it was necessary to remove the two big side fairings to get the work done and those things can...
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    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    2013 fz6r new adventures every weekend on my 2013