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    What is your favorite BEER!?

    Saw this on another forum and thought it was a good idea since this forum is called "The Bar" Lets keep this down to your absolutely favorite beer. I'll start, my absolutely, all-time, king of the hill, favorite beer is........hoegaarden. its belgian and its delicious! Now its your...
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    FZ6R Sightings

    haha this thread is too funny!
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    Pulled the trigger on my second bike :)

    That's a beautiful bike, my friend! Cheers!
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    $15 Tank Bag -

    Seems legit but I would rather stick with the magnetic kind. The straps can break....magnets will pretty much always work!
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    Reputation Points

    Very interesting thread. Didn't want to ask but I was definitely wondering the exact same thing!
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    This thread is great, I'm going to spend a couple hundred very soon so anything like this could come in handy. I wonder if websites are going to offer Halloween type coupons? Anyone know? I have subscribed to many so I can get their newsletters and stuff. I don't want to miss anything!