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    Modding the stock exhaust.

    Hello, I was looking to mod the stock exhaust like Marthy's exhaust mod. I am a boilermaker by trade so the welding and fabbing will be easy. My questions are what size does the collector have to go down to at the end? Will i need a reducer to allow for slip ons? Thanks for your help!
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    Making the FZ6R/XJ6 Derestrictor Plate

    Yeah, I kept my original for, uh insurance reasons.
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    Making the FZ6R/XJ6 Derestrictor Plate

    Sweet, I'm not sure of the best way to sell them so I might put them on ebay. I've just made the first few so I'll test them out on my bike and make sure its all in order.
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    Making the FZ6R/XJ6 Derestrictor Plate

    Hello! I am an owner of a 2014 XJ6NL and was on the search for a derestictor plate, but soon realised that they sold for around 130AUD(!!!) This seems absolutely ludicrous seeing as this is just a bent piece of metal! So I decided to draw up my own version (See attached image). I have the...