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  • Hey Rook, you still around? You've gone dark the last year or so. Hope all is well and you've kept the rubber on the road and your butt off of it.
    hey, rooke,

    its been a while,

    your still in the criminal justice/ law enforcement field right? i recently put in an application with my local ( county) department, i'd be coming in fresh, i dont have any background in the field and no experience, i got in for the written test on the 17th do you have any advise or words of wisdom you can offer me? you have been nothing but help to me in the past and in all honesty i can't think of anyone else id rather ask :)


    havent been able to contact you since you de-activated facebook and I dont have my old phone anymore so I dont have your number to call :(

    i miss you :( Hope all is well
    Thanks man appreciate the comment. one day I will have another baby in the garage that can keep up with yours lol
    Hi Rookasaki, first time logging into the forum for some time (as I'm sure you can tell lol).

    I'm from Northern Cal, in between San Francisco and Sacramento
    It's the middle of winter in Alaska, so no, I'm not riding much... or at all, ha ha. I'm hoping we have an early spring this year since there hasn't been much snow and I can get back out there in two months or less. How many miles you got on your ZX6R now?
    Yo Rook! You still alive? Been over a month since you've been on the site. Don't tell me you're spending all your free time on the Kawi forums...
    that would be swet...Ill try to get that conversation on the social group going....
    Okay cool. it just seems like its been a bit since you said you took it and felt gooda bout it. good luck man.... take it easy... your in north cal right? you should have gone to motoGP with us or even meet us up in san fran. next time
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