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  • Hi there!

    Sorry it took so long to respond, with the nicer weather I've been outside more, and not playing around on the computer quite as much. I just got your message today.

    Here is a thread my husband started (before i was a forum member) about when he installed my side cases for me, it has lots of pics and info, so hopefully you'll find it helpful: http://www.fz6r-forum.com/forum/f75/...ets-etc-23811/

    Also, here is the info about where i purchased it, and what i got:

    I got mine from sporttour.com for $767, including the optional inner soft bags and shipping.

    Side cases: GIVI V35 Monokey Side Cases

    Fitment kit: Givi PLXR364 side case Fitment Kit for the Yamaha FZ-6R 2009.

    There are links to all those parts about 4 posts down in that thread i included above. Hope this helps! If you have questions and want a quicker answer, or more details, you can try messaging my husband, UselessPickles. Happy riding!

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