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    USD swaps

    I know it has been discussed a little bit on here regarding front end swaps, but I have not seen much about compatibility with other models such as fz8, fz1, r1, or even different makes. Even the little ive found about the r6 conversions points out that quite a bit of machining is required to...
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    What do you like about your FZ6R?

    Talk about getting off topic! Aren't we supposed to be talking about what we like about the fz6r? Lol I love the fz6r for its potential. I love the xj6 for its looks. I love them both for their price tag and simplicity.
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    What don't you like about your FZ6R?

    I dislike the full fairing, the crappy steel swingarm, and the suspension front and rear. I hate that in the US you can't get the naked version (xj6) and that if you want to run your 6r naked you are forced to expose the cheap looking frame bracket that holds everything together. All that...
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    naked fz6r

    If only! XJ6N would be my ideal bike! The FZ8 does not use projectors. I may have spoken too soon when I pointed out that it was HID. I could have sworn I read that somewhere, but upon further researching the matter, I can't find anything to verify that. I do know however that the bulb is a...
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    naked fz6r

    I realize this is an old thread, but I was just looking for this same info earlier today. Short answer: yes. The fz8 headlight assembly unit is in fact identical to that of the xj6 (Euro model naked fz6r). However, the fz8 uses hid bulbs which your 6r would not be able to handle electrically...
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    XJ6 Diversion Parts (naked fairing)

    Coincidentally, further research has led me to understand that the XJ6 shares a headlight assembly and mounting plate with the US spec FZ8n. Should make sourcing for that particular part slightly more convenient. The plastic cowling and other mounting hardware may not work due to the fact that...
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    New from MN

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I see what you mean about the street triple. I do like that bike, but for the price I'm shopping for its not really an option. I probably came across as looking for an immediate project the way I worded my intro, but in actuality the only immediate mods I...
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    new member from MN

    I just joined from MN too! I'm in Maple Grove. I haven't bought my 6R yet but I have big plans. We should hook up and go riding once the weather warms up since we're practically next door! If you don't mind my asking, did you buy your bike new from the dealer? If so, I'd like to see what kind of...
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    New from MN

    Hi everyone! I finally decided to join after lurking around the forum for a few weeks. I have been debating between an FZ6R and an SV650N to replace my WR250X. I'm not a newbie, but I don't really want or need a supersport and probably never will. I'm really more of a hooligan rider, which has...
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    XJ6 Diversion Parts (naked fairing)

    Ive been debating between an fz6r and an sv650n and I was leaning toward the sv because I don't like fully fared bikes in general. Then I learned about the xj6n and knew there had to be a way to convert a US model fz6r into a look-a-like of its naked European sibling. My search eventually led me...