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    Fuel range

    Almost same setup as you and 6'5" 200lbs. Same range too. Thank you for making me feel better about mine haha. I thought I was the only one
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    No fender eliminator kit needed...

    Can you link me the LED plate lights you bought? Looks dope.
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    2015 fz6r

    180? Damn thats a wide tire for our bike. Hows it ride?
  4. bikes jul 25.jpg

    bikes jul 25.jpg

    Found a cool parking garage
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    Black Solo Seat Cowl

    Does anyone have one?
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    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    Stock swingarm and a 170/60. Slightly bigger but I like the feel.
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    Leftover Parts for sale!!!

    Couple hundred plus shipping? I dunno, make an offer.
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    Leftover Parts for sale!!!

    I've got an exhaust as well if you're looking. Don't have the mounting bolts though.
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    Marthy's PCV Maps

    Hey Guys, My PVC isn't hooked up to my speed sensor, but I'm running K&N with Full TBR Exhaust. What Map would be best for me. Not TOO concerned about Mileage. Sport B? If so, can anyone send it?
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    R6 Calipers

    Are you sure about the R6 calipers from that year? Its looking like the spacing of the mounting bolts is 10cm on the R6's and 8.5cm on the FZ6R
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    Timing change....Do it!

    Um....I'd also like to understand this.
  12. bike underpass.jpg

    bike underpass.jpg

    At a cool graffiti underpass
  13. bike.jpg


    First day I brought my baby home almost a year ago
  14. IMG_1177.jpg


    Another angle.
  15. IMG_1196.jpg


    Dirty but view from front