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    Front Fork Rebuild questions

    Thanks for the reply. I really wish people would post/reply on these threads like the Facebook group. I ended up rebuilding with seals and dust cover while adding the gold valve emulators. The forks seem more planted now on the road. Nothing mind blowing but definitely a noticeable change. I...
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    Front Suspension Adjustment?

    Just did gold valve emulators. Front definitely feels more planted. Fork removal and disassembly wasn't hard, just too some time to do it all. You need to drill 2 holes into your damper rods. Amazon was cheaper than the local bike shop. couple seals/dust cover, 20wt oil, and you're good to...
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    Juice Box with TBR necessary?

    I have the full Two Bros exhaust. Shortly after I added the Juicebox. It helped slightly, but I ended up installing the block off plates which cleaned it up lots. I'd rather not have that consistent detonation happening through the exhaust. It sounded cool for a short while, but honestly...
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    Front Fork Rebuild questions

    Hey guys. Looking for help. I can't find much other than a youtube video on this procedure. From what I understand is to install Gold Valve Emulators while rebuilding them, and using 5wt oil vs the OEM 0wt. I see a seal rebuild kit (yamaha part# 5VU-W003B-00-00). It includes 2 seals per...