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    How to sell a bike?

    Put an ad in your local newspaper would work. We have the thrifty nickle down here, not sure if that's a local or national thing. I've seen a lot of bikes for sale on Craigslist. I'm sure others will have more advice, but that's what I have. :-)
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    Reflective stickers

    As always, check with the local authorities. I was driving down the street and saw three police bikes parked outside a building so parked and went inside. They were very confused when I asked to talk to a bike cop, they couldn't process that I wasn't in trouble, I wasn't disgruntled, I just...
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    Auxiliary/running lights

    Is the gold one bright enough and durable enough to make it a no-brainer to just get that one?
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    Smoking cagers

    I just saw the thread where people were talking about their concealed carry guns, and then saw "smoking cagers". I cannot express fully my disappointment that this is only about cigarettes. hehe But seriously, what is up with caged drivers?! The amount of people who are still texting whilst...
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    Auxiliary/running lights

    I was digging around about aux lights and found those photos of yours Marthy. If the led light is bright enough for the aux lights to show up, it really must be bright! :-) Blackbird, I did not know they had a gold one... this is very interesting, do you have any photos of what that looked...
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    Reflective stickers

    Those rim strips are awesome! Just make sure you clean the rim well before putting them on and you'll be golden. The same guy does an almost pin strip sort of reflective strips. I'm going to buy them, and Tron my bike out. :D
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    Auxiliary/running lights

    That's funny you found that quote Forean, I saw that when I was looking for alternatives, and actually contacted the guy about it. Waiting to hear back. :) Thanks for the forum link Marthy. My biggest concern is some led lights throw the light differently then a regular "bulb", more light isn't...
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    Turning the "Power Crystal" into a running light

    Sorry for resurrecting an old post, but I had a question in regards to adding a light to the crystal. Would it be possible to drill through the back without taking the entire light apart, and then attaching the light to the back of the housing? I really like the idea of using a portion of the...
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    Auxiliary/running lights

    Due to the led lightbulb being sold out, would something like this work instead? OPT7 Motorcycle LED Headlight Kit w/ Arc-Beam™ Clear 6K Cool White - 40w 3,500Lm CREE (H4, 9003) - 2 Yr Warranty: Automotive I've used the same company for the led body lights on my bike, and they...
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    Auxiliary/running lights

    Thank you so very much for that reply, exactly what I was looking for! Would you suggest just not going down the aux lighting route at all if you didn't notice them anyways with that led bulb in? I want to see more, and also be seen more. It's almost impossible to find decent info about the...
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    Auxiliary/running lights

    I changed out the stock headlight for a Phillips crystal vision. The difference while perhaps not as great as hids or led was huge!
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    Mar 23, 2016 Deer vs. FZ6R

    This right here is the very reason I'm wanting to add additional lights to the front of my bike. Home is 15 miles outside town, and the deer are thick out there. Learning I could do braking and counter steering on a turn was not my intended lesson that night, but just like with you, the dang...
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    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    My girl Here's a couple photos of my bike, showing off her accent lighting on, and also her wheel halos.
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    Auxiliary/running lights

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum as a member, have been lurking for a long time prior, and found a lot of very helpful advice thus far. I'm wanting advice/tips on driving lights up front. Has anyone done this before (I'm sure they have I just haven't found the post yet), and if so, where...