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    Running on 3/4 cylinders

    It sounds like a vacuum leak to me. You may have a disconnected vacuum line.
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    I Need A Tank

    There's a white one for sale on eBay for $125...
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    Pearl White Dented gas tank

    The original post is from 2013. The tank is probably sold by now.
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    Clicking noise and no start

    I'd recommend you get yourself a meter and do some continuity testing before you start randomly replacing parts. It's a lot cheaper. According to the Haynes manual (which I highly recommend you get) that's the Starter circuit cut-off relay you are pointing to in your picture. The Haynes manual...
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    Givi V35 bags & mounting brackets

    Good luck getting a reply. I asked him about shipping costs over two weeks ago and never got a response. I'm guessing he's already sold them and isn't monitoring this thread anymore.
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    Givi V35 bags & mounting brackets

    Do you have any pictures of them on the bike? What would it cost to ship to Colorado?
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    Bought OEM stator- how to get cable out?!

    Check out They have good prices on OEM parts and excellent service.
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    Center Stand

    Glad to hear it wasn't too hard for you to get those bolts out. I think they were installed with red Loctite on my 2013. I tried the rubber mallet method, a big breaker bar, and they won't budge without heat.
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    Center Stand

    The install instructions that come from SW-Motech are pretty clear. It's an easy install except the two bolts you have to remove to install the spring bracket are a real bitch to get off - they require a lot of heat to get them to break loose.
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    Softer shock?

    Talk to Race Tech they may be able to help you out.
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    Softer shock?

    Adjust the shock pre-load setting to the softest (1) and go from there.
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    R6 Calipers

    IDK. I didn't look into much once I saw what it was going to cost.
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    R6 Calipers

    I thought about it - the front brakes on my 2005 R6 really spoiled me. I found that the 03-04 R6 or 06-09 R6S used the same size rotors and the calipers should bolt right on the FZ6R. To do it right, you'd also need the R6 master cylinder. I decided against doing it when I figured out the cost...
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    WTB Slip On

    Maybe check with Jardine and see if they make a Quiet Insert for your slip-on. That may be the cheapest, easiest way to go.
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    How do i delete this post?

    What needs to be done really depends on how the previous owner stored it - because he obviously didn't ride it very much. If he kept it on a Battery Tender, the battery may be fine, otherwise it should probably be replaced. Personally, I never trust anyone regarding the fluids and I change...