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  • Hey man, miss the Gear Whore around here. Just thought that I would stop by and say hello. Take care man, hopefully you get back on soon...
    Hey man... just wanted to let you know that I saw a pic of you in Motorcyclist this month! Posted a thread about it, but I noticed you're not on much, so I'm dropping you a line. If you can't find a copy, I'd be glad to send you mine. Pretty cool!
    woops lol. Their current photo contest on facebook, I forgot to mention that one, plus idk if you use it.
    Yo Hein, you should enter the current CycleGear contest, you would be someone that may be able to win out of us :) Just a heads up haha

    I hope you have a great day and a super year. Keep the blue side up.
    (pilot talk)lol

    For the (public) record -- I have no problem with you sharing that silly video of me rapping along with 50cent. The video is hilarious. Share it any time (any where) you'd like. Some people take things too seriously. I prefer not to be one of them.
    Thanks! I was kind of hoping to forget it but all these messages between this and Facebook won't let me. LOL.
    ~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY*~ Soooooo sorry your ride got splattered on today's ride... wasn't sure if you wanted to u/l the pics to the forum yourself... so I haven't done it. But they're on the meetup site. Hope you had fun at your party!!!
    Thanks. Much appreciated. Definitely getting one but wanted to make sure that you gave it a clean bill of health. Will let you know how it turns out. Best wishes.
    Hi Heineken,

    I'm new to the forum. I just bought a '09 FZ6R Raven. Great bike but it's missing one thing...a centre stand. Based on a couple of your posts and 'how to guide' you seem to have addressed this shortcoming. I was just wondering how the centre stand is working out for you and how it's holding up.

    Best wishes,
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