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    Pearl White Dented gas tank

    Pearl White Dented gas tank This OEM tank is from a White 2009 Yamaha FZ6R. The tank has only a slight dent from the handle bars that can be easily fixed on the right side. Will fit Yamaha FZ6R years 2009 2010 2011 and 2012. Some spotting in the neck of the tank. Inside is clean. No holes...
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    Baddest, Brightest, LED blinkers (emergency grade)...

    What rear flashers are those attached to the fender eliminator?? Can you get front ones as well? Thanks!
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    How to remove plastic from tank??

    got it! For the record... I am completely repainting the bike that's why i need them off. I have 2 tanks so tried a few things. DO NOT use brake cleaner! takes the finish off the plastic. The plastic pieces are stuck on with 2 sided tape! I used a utility knife with a long blade. If you want...
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    How to remove plastic from tank??

    Hi! First post! I just bought a crashed FZ6R. I have all the parts, it just needs paint now. How do I remove the plastic on the side of the tank?? Thank you!