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    Question What's your odometer reading?

    61k, nice!!! My 2013 only has about 13k on her. Bought it with 3 miles on the odometer. Always glad to hear how dependable these bikes are. My mileage is low but the bike hasn’t even had a hiccup yet
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    New here

    That’ll look great, nice work! More pics when complete, please!
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    Chain and wheel alignment

    I should add that you can’t gauge your chain slack by the number of alignment marks. How many marks are showing will vary with chain and sprocket wear. That’s why manually measuring it is critical.
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    Chain and wheel alignment

    The number of dash marks doesn’t really matter. What’s important is achieving the proper CHAIN SLACK. On the FZ6R, the factory spec Is 45-55mm (or 1.77-2.17in). If you’re unsure of how to measure it properly, just check YouTube. It’s not hard but it’s important that it’s correct! Of...
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    Valve Clearance Adjustment

    I think it’ll be hard to get a solid answer on this. There just aren’t enough owners with enough miles on their bikes who are active on this forum to be able to obtain any meaningful data. One or two owners saying they’ve surpassed the interval and haven’t had any problems YET really doesn’t...
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    New additions

    That Quad Lock thingy is cool! You may have just cost me $70 ;)
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    Annoying vibration/buzzing sound

    Thanks guys, I’ll check those things too. It dawned on me that I had replaced the air filter at the start of the season so I maybe I left something loose under the tank. Still haven’t resolved this but I haven’t tried very hard yet either. Thanks again.
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    Annoying vibration/buzzing sound

    Thanks for the video Rix! Unfortunately I’ll have to keep digging, that wasn’t the problem on my bike. Thank you anyway :)
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    Annoying vibration/buzzing sound

    Thanks Rix. That’s the general area it’s coming from so I will definitely check that out!
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    Annoying vibration/buzzing sound

    My bike has recently developed this very annoying vibration/buzzing sound from idle up to about 4000 rpm. At 4K, it will abruptly cease. I’m pretty sure it’s just something loose and resonating at those lower RPMs but I have no idea what. It seems to be coming from the front fairing area...
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    How many miles on your FZ6R?

    Just a measly 11000 on mine but never had so much as a hiccup with this bike.
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    seat height question

    Wish I had some info to offer on modifying the factory seat but I don’t. Doesn’t look as though there’s a whole lot to work with as far as narrowing it goes but couldn’t hurt to have someone knowledgeable look at it. There are aftermarket seat options such as those from Corbin but those tend to...
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    seat height question

    That’s odd that an earlier model seemed okay to you. Other than (according to a rather astute member here) a slight change to the passenger grab handles, there haven’t been ANY real changes made to this bike since it was introduced. The width of the seat is certainly a factor. Are you sure...
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    Ear Plugs - who rides with them?

    I can’t bare to ride without them. Even over a short distance the wind noise is just way too much. There’s no way it’s not doing long term damage to your hearing. I just use cheap, disposable foamies I can get at work. Even with a high end Shoei helmet which is relatively quiet, it’s still...
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    OEM upper fairing small top pieces poor fitment?

    Thanks for following up on this. I probably won’t be tinkering with my bike any time soon but I’ve copied this to my FZ6R notes file so I can refer to it the next time I have to do this. Thanks!:rockon: