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    Question about sliders that hasnt been answered

    well my GF tipped her fz6r going up a very steep hill with a turn. She has the shogun sliders and the only damage was the shift lever got bent. We were able to bend it back with no issues.
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    Cool Route Planner Site

    I found this site Ride Motorcycle Roads in Austin, Texas, United States at that has fun routes to ride on the link I included is for Austin,TX but there might be ones for your area in there as well. I thought it was cool since i don't have a gps yet and some of the routes for my...
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    FZ6R suspension question!!

    I moved mine to 5 tonight and it felt a lot more stable in the corners. Gonna try out 6 and 7 and see how they feel now
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    FZ6R suspension question!!

    So I am 186lbs and have my rear shock on 3 i am guessing i need to bump it up. I have not experienced any bottoming out but the bike does feel a little uneasy sometimes in turns. Not sure if thats my riding skills or if i need to adjust the rear shock up a bit. Anyone around my weight what...
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    Yamaha Bar Ends

    tank pad Just curious why you have your tank pad on backwards
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    Rear camera Options

    Here are 2 rear camera options i have found made for bikes...I am sure you can mod one for much less. Bike Eye 4Kam VU - Wireless reversing camera and rear view cam systems Ant Racing Rearview Camera System Ant Racing Rear View Camera System - Tobefast ANT racing also makes...
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    Stepping up: What would it be?

    cbr Ya the funny thing is all the professional reviewers hate the graphics....i wish more bikes came with more interesting graphics like this.
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    what age is every one ?

    Age I will be 38 next month
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    Wheel stripes photos please!

    ummm I think RED on a blue bike would look to much like a US flag. I have seen other blue bikes with lime green stripes but they also had some lime green can photoshop the look you want pretty easy. Thats how I determined what color i wanted.
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    Stepping up: What would it be?

    I like this bike alot 2010 Honda CBR600RR
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    Wheel stripes photos please!

    Rim stripe tip A tip I have about Rim stripes the thicker the stripe the less you see the mistakes you make putting them on and getting them straight. I had 6mm stripes before and they looked good but you could see the imperfections easier. I then put on 10mm stripes and they looked much better.
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    Wheel stripes photos please!

    Blue wheel stripes I got mine from Dunston graphics they are non reflective and 10mm
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    Gear I have Shoei rf 1100 firestrike helmet w/blue shield, frank thomas xti mesh jacket (so far love it...very cool it gets hot here in texas), Icon super duty 2 boots and frank thomas gloves not sure which model.
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    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    Graphics Insure Gal where did you get the graphics for your bike looks good. I have the blue fz6r and the graphics are very boring so i have been hunting to spice my bike up a bit.
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    Any New Mods

    I know we are not a Super Sport Bike but the bike has been out for over a year now and the is only a hand full of MODs for the FZ6R. I enjoy modding my bike as much as riding it. We all want to make it our own. Anyway if you find anything new and interesting post it in here. I am seriously...