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    Valve Clearance Adjustment

    Currently have 44,000 km on my 2015 FZ6R. Owners manual states valve clearance adjustment needs to be done at 43,000 km so I called the Yamaha dealer where I live and asked about getting it done. He told me of all the FZ6R bikes they've sold over the years, no one has ever brought one in for a...
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    How many miles on your bike?

    Got 2 summers on mine. Bought brand new. Now has 34,000 km.
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    Annoying vibration/buzzing sound

    Mine makes the same buzzing noise. It's the left front fairing. The one that touches the gas tank. If your riding and its buzzing, take your left hand and hold this piece of fairing firmly. For me, that stops the buzzing and so I wedged a piece of black foam under there to stop it.
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    2017 Road Trip FZ6R

    I bought the Zero Gravity Sport Touring wind screen on Ebay. Works perfectly.
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    2017 Road Trip FZ6R

    Just finished a 9700 Km road trip on my 2015 FZ6R. St. John's Newfoundland to Birmingham, Alabama. Rode Blue Ridge Parkway, Tail of the Dragon, and Cherohola Parkway. Wore out my front tire, at the 16,200 Km mark (bike total KMs). Had no bike issues whatsoever.
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    2015 FZ6R seat options

    FZ6R seat I wear cycling shorts under my riding pants. Never had butt burn once, even after 6 hours or more on the bike.
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    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    Bought brand new, yesterday.
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    New member welcome thread

    Just bought a 2015 (new) FZ6R. I live in St. John's Newfoundland and no local Yamaha dealers carried this bike, so I had to special order it in. I put the $500 deposit on it March 10 and got preapproved for the financing, and the bike arrived June 2. That was a long wait! Upgrading form an R3 I...